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Real Estate Trends
Seeking Safe Outdoor Spaces

For house-hunters in dense metropolitan areas like ours, outdoor space has always been a key amenity. While terraces, balconies and private gardens also top the list, larger outdoor spaces like roof decks and community gardens are perennial…

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HOA Living
2020 June Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus

Whether you’re living in a co-op apartment building in Manhattan, a condo on Chicago’s Gold Coast, or a townhouse community or HOA in New Jersey, Reno, or Florida, issues of legality and liability are always a concern for owners, board memb…

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2020 June Reopening Your Community

As states and municipalities make moves to reopen their economies after weeks of quarantine torpor, the boards and management of multifamily communities nationwide are contemplating what their own reopenings are going to look like. The boar…

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IREM Establishes COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) announced in a June 3 press release that the organization’s IREM Foundation has established a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support real estate managers and their local communities affected by the pa…

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