Lakehurst, New Jersey From Hindenburg to Hometown Charm

 Seventy-six years ago Lakehurst was the scene of one of the most iconic and  notorious air disasters in history, the explosion of the German zeppelin  Hindenburg. Memories fade throughout the decades, and while most people have  seen the old newsreels of the disaster, few people actually remember where the  disaster took place.  

 Today Lakehurst is a quiet residential community located in South Jersey that  offers residents the best of both worlds, easy access to the bright lights both  New York City and Philadelphia have to offer with the convenience of being  close to all the shorefront resorts and pleasures of New Jersey.  

 From Industrial Production to Summer Resort

 At the turn of the century, Lakehurst was renowned as a posh winter resort town  when the Pine Tree Inn was constructed in 1898. The luxurious Blue Comet train  stopped there to deliver passengers to the stately inn.  

 But Lakehurst's history goes back even further. The area first came into  prominence as an industrial center during and after the Revolutionary War. It  was the site of the Federal Forge, a major producer of iron products, including  the cannon balls that were made for General George Washington's troops. A rope  mill in town was powered by an elaborate water flume ran underground from  nearby Lake Horicon to the factory. The town also had a railroad roundhouse,  turntable, maintenance shops and boiler shops.  

 Known as Manchester until 1921, Lakehurst had its beginnings in 1821, when  Samuel Whittemore gave one square mile of land (640 acres) to his daughter,  Adeline, and her husband, William Torrey. Torrey mapped the tract of land,  while Adeline named most of the streets after trees.  


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