High Society in Newark A Look at Society Hill

Condominiums in cities often find a challenge in forging their own identity while also being part of the city. Homeowners living in Society Hill at University Heights in Newark seem to have found a balance in their community, a development that offers proximity to Manhattan at prices significantly more affordable than comparable homes in New York City.

But it also is a community with shared interests and concerns. Society Hill is a major part of the municipality's effort to revitalize the city of Newark and the condominium community is proud to help advance the city's urban redevelopment plans.

"Since we've been here, they built the New Jersey Performing Arts Center which is right downtown," says Vicente Brown, a board member with Society Hill. "You're also hearing about the FBI building in Newark. So there are a lot of things going on in Newark and Society Hill was planned as a way of showing the whole Renaissance of the city."

In fact, Brown says that Sharpe James, Newark's mayor, has visited Society Hill on several occasions to illustrate the potential that exists in Society Hill and in cities like Newark.

"He was taking representatives from other cities around Society Hill so they could see the type of development that can done in those cities," Brown says.


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  • The Newark Mosaic is absolutely the best and as part of the Palm Street Block Association my hunbasd and I just want to say thank you, thank you for coming out and helping us and our west ward community become stronger and would love to have you back again, The Newark mosaic gave us the exposure this ward needed .