Up for the Challenge Property Managers Tell All

Seeing the positive in life is a wonderful thing, but when you’re a manager at a co-op or condo, regardless of its size or how civil and well-mannered shareholders and owners can be, there will always be situations that arise that need to be handled. Problems come in all shapes and sizes and it’s usually up to the manager to rally the board, association staff, and other professionals to solve them. Because let’s face it, if someone isn’t there playing quarterback to get everyone on the same play, it could lead to disaster.

These problems can be anything from hellacious maintenance crises to eccentric or bizarre behavior among residents to a troublesome financial situation that needs to be dealt with. Here are three great examples of good management in action that led to triumphs for everyone involved.

No Parking

Albert Pellegrino, CMCA, AMS, ARM, president of P&A Management. Inc. in Hamilton, says he has experienced a myriad of problems in his years in the business, and is always pleased when a solution can be derived to fix whatever problem occurs. Among his great successes include dealing with two major fires and helping a board to resolve a big dispute before it required legal action.

Recently, Pellegrino dealt with a situation at a Hamilton community his company took over where he was able to work closely with the board to get its finances back on-track and save the entire community from possible financial ruin.

When P&A took over, it quickly discovered that a great deal of those in the community were delinquent with payments and needed to come up with a plan to get things back on track. Pellegrino spoke with the board about ideas and came up with a plan that he hoped would get the money coming back in.


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