The Boards Role in Landscaping Examing Your Building's Needs

With spring around the corner, many co-op and condo boards and HOAs start thinking about giving their landscaping design a fresh new look but they want to keep it within their budgets. How can this be accomplished? Some common sense questions will help to accomplish this.

The first and most important question should be: what is your ultimate goal? Once you know what your goal is it it'll be far easier to choose the right landscape company, that is, the best company to suit your building’s needs.

Once you've identified the ultimate goal and are ready to negotiate with landscapers, the next question that needs to be answered is: Do you want to keep the design intent after the project has been installed and the maintenance phase is over—or are you looking to just accept the lowest bid?

Creating Curb Appeal with Green Spaces

With so much new construction of landscaped outdoor spaces happening these days throughout the Garden State, the question of maintenance becomes just as important as the design and construction. Boards and HOAs need to know how complicated and expensive it is to keep the beautiful, healthy and local greenery looking as lush and manicured as the day it was installed. This is the challenge facing landscape contractors and garden maintenance specialists on a daily basis.


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