Snow Time! Plan Ahead for Winter Survival

The contractors who helped dig out the region’s condo properties last winter agree on one thing: the associations that were ‘rescued’ first were the ones with solid vendor relationships. 

It’s better to look earlier rather than later, says Mike Smith of Snow Pros of New Jersey in Point Pleasant, and he suggests starting the process of finding a winter contractor as early as September and October, if at all possible.

“You should do a walk-through and have a detailed plan in place before the snow starts. We have weekly safety meetings with employees since safety is a big issue with the snow. We go over what went wrong and what went right and how to fix what went wrong next time because everything is a learning experience at each site,” Smith adds. 

“People don’t like to have the expense. Snow removal isn’t something like construction or landscaping where there’s something concrete after you’ve paid, but it’s still important because it helps you avoid slip and falls or an accident. Every year there are fatalities due to winter weather and to have that [snow and ice] managed with a professional company goes a long way toward justifying the expense,” says Martin Tirado, CAE, and the chief executive officer of the Snow & Ice Management Association, a national trade group that represents the snow and ice removal industry.

Tirado contends that a lot of people underestimate winter weather and that it can be just as dangerous as any other kind of major storm.


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