Repairing Winter Damage Getting HOAs Ready for Spring

 Spring beckons, with the promise of all those blossoms bursting with color from  early flowering bulbs. If only it were that simple. All too often, spring also  beckons with fungus on the lawns, dessicated trees with branches bent and  broken from heavy snow, fencing and rails bashed by snow plows, cracked  potholed pavement, and clogged drainage systems.  

 With such a laundry list of winter damage, what should the first order of  business be for HOA board members and property managers once things start to  thaw? The answer to that question depends on where your association is located,  what kind of damage the property may have sustained over the harsh winter  months, and most importantly, what kind of liability the damage may present.  

 Year-Round Management

 “Every site is different,” says James Rademacher of Rezkom Enterprises in Rocky Hill. “Most associations start spring cleanup projects immediately following the change  in weather. Projects are scheduled in advance with each corresponding  contractor. The damage caused by the winter weather is usually addressed by the  on-site maintenance staff or contracted out on an emergency basis.”  

 A few of the main things Rademacher and other management professionals recommend  that HOA managers and staff put first on their springtime to-do list includes  the following:  

 • Inspect walks, roads, and curbs for damage caused by snow removal  


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