Q&A: Should D&O Be Separate?

Q Our co-op has a question about our various insurance policies. Our insurance agent has recommended to the board that we keep our D&O coverage separate from our general liability coverage. I understand that some commercial general liability policies include D&O so is there a standard approach or policy for this type of scenario?

—Board Member

A “The answer depends on whether the D&O attached to the master policy as an endorsement includes EPLI (Employer's Professional Liability),” says State Farm insurance broker Sal Sciallo. Usually when attached as a endorsement it does not. In addition, it may not include other fringe coverage's that a separate D&O policy may include. If there are no employees and/or payroll that will be insignificant. If there are employees and/or payroll, I would suggest a separate D&O policy separate from the General Liability which includes EPLI.”

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