Q&A: Noisy Neighbor

Q. I have written several complaint letters to the condo board and the managing agent regarding a noisy neighbor. They did send a letter to the owner about a year ago, but the problem persists. Although I continue to write letters, nothing is being done. What is my recourse? Do I file against the board for not acting on my behalf?

                              —-Driving Me Crazy

A. “A neighbor who is oblivious to the rights and concerns of others in their community is frustrating,”  said Elizabeth Casey, an attorney based in Ocean City who specializes in condominium law.  “Having a board that appears tone-deaf to your complaints can magnify that frustration.  Your question doesn’t specify the source of the noise, so I’m going to assume it is more than your neighbor simply living in the unit: chairs moving, children playing, the occasional barking dog, etc.  

“Normally, I would recommend that you approach your neighbor first.  Sometimes people are unaware that their conduct is annoying to others.  Often a simple “neighborly” conversation can remedy the situation.  In this instance, you’ve indicated that you already approached the board and they reached out to the noisy neighbor with no reduction in the noise level.  Therefore, I think you can approach this issue in the two-step process outlined below.

1. Association Remedies:


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