Protecting Workers, Preventing Injuries Staff Safety in Your HOA

A building or community’s onsite staff and workers are an integral part of any co-op, condo or HOA. As they go about their daily duties on behalf of your board and residents, your workers must be provided with a safe working environment as well as any necessary equipment they need to keep them safe on the job. Protecting workers before injury occurs is the first step in keeping them safe and avoiding costly workers’ compensation claims.

OSHA and Local 32BJ

When dealing with worker training and safety issues, two organizations that you will likely hear about—and should no doubt become familiar with—are the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Local 32BJ.

OSHA is the primary agency charged with creating regulations, setting standards and enforcing compliance with regard to worker safety.

According to a spokesperson for the group, “OSHA creates and enforces regulatory standards that require certain precautions to be taken in order to ensure the safety and health of workers. The tasks maintenance [building or association] workers perform are covered by several of these standards. It is also important to note that OSHA offers free, confidential onsite safety and health consultation services.”

More information regarding these standards as well as other assistance can be found on OSHA’s website, at OSHA provides a wealth of safety and health topics pages with free information to show employers and employees how to stay safe and healthy on the job. Go to the site and click the alphabet at the top of the home page to explore the many resources available. Additional information about OSHA’s consulting services is information is available at:


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  • I am a 56 year old Male. Have been working for a company for 3 years. I have a hearing loss in the right ear, I am wearing a hearing. I have 3 herniated disks in my back L3,L4,L5 and also need to wear special glasses to help me see( prism glasses.) I am a manager in a call sales center that sells Dish Network. The past Friday my job came up with the idea that all managers must stand when working. Work consists of running reports every hour that take from 10 min to 45 min to create. When creating these reports we are expected to stand. After 15 min of standing I stated to receive very sharp back pain. I have been in pain all weekend and going to see a doctor on Monday.