Material Differences Alternative Fence, Deck & Siding Products are Worth a Look

These days, when a condo’s fencing, decking or siding wears out and needs replacement, smart boards are looking well beyond “apple-for-apple” replacement materials.

Wood siding, a favorite for decades, is frequently being replaced by vinyl, or even fiber cement, both of which can mimic the look of wood. When wood decks fail, lumber is being replaced by a variety of composite materials. And in fencing, failing wood is steadily being replaced by polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Because decks, fences and siding have to be repaired and replaced so often, condos that utilize newer materials that need less maintenance can realize considerable savings over time—and that's a good thing no matter what the economic climate.

Fenced In

Fencing materials are up against a lot—wayward baseballs, weed-whackers, leg-lifting pets but according to the pros, the top two culprits in fencing deterioration are none of the above.

“It's a combination of both age and weather,” says Brian Hefferon of Master Wire MFG Inc. in Hammonton. “Age has a lot to do with it, how long it's going to hold up in the weather and in the environment depends on the type of material used."


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