Laundry Room Basics It All Comes Out in the Wash

 Many co-op and condo buildings in New Jersey have a laundry room for residents  to use that is more than just an amenity; it’s practically a necessity. Many of the co-op/condo laundry rooms are maintained  by laundry contractors who service the machines and collect money from them.  And when outside vendors are involved in providing a service for a building, it  behooves all residents to understand just what type of service is being  provided and the agreement under which that work is being done.  

 Understanding how contracts with laundry vendors are structured, what to expect  under such contracts and available options that could be worked into the  agreement, will guide board members and other residents in finding the right  laundry contractor for their community.  

 Changing Technologies

 Co-op/condo laundry rooms and laundry technology have advanced markedly in the  past couple of decades. One of the most significant innovations has been the  development of coinless washing machines and dryers, which now are the rule  rather than the exception in New Jersey. Residents use such machines with  credit or debit cards, or via smart phone apps that are loaded online through a  secure virtual account the customer sets up.  

 “The business has changed tremendously because historically it was a coin-based  operation. The methods of communication have also improved,” says Andrew Fisher, owner of Hi-Rise Laundry Equipment Corp., which provides  services throughout New Jersey and New York. “The latest is an app on your phone that allows the machine to deduct from a  virtual account.”  

 Such technology is here to stay, it seems.


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