Flowerful The Value & Beauty of Blooms

Spring is here, which means the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the flowers will be blooming—that is, if you plant them. From knowing which plants do best in which location to keeping up with everyday care and maintenance, keeping your condo or co-op property looking nice can be hard work, but worth every minute and dime spent in the end. And with some extra knowledge from the inside, not only can properties uphold a high level of aesthetics, the endeavor can be cost-effective, even in this day in age.

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What Are The Plants?

Plants are everywhere around us, but like everything else in the world, they have their time and place. It’s highly unlikely to see palm trees lining the streets of northern New Jersey, and it would be a foolish board indeed who insisted that their landscaper plant any on their property. When it comes to deciding what kinds of flowers to plant on your own grounds or flowerbeds, it's vital to consider which species will flourish in a waterfront or inland environment, and which may not.

The two basic categories of flowering flora are perennials and annuals. Perennials are planted once and bloom again on their own season after season, whereas annuals die off after one growth cycle and must be replaced each year.

Raymond Engel, owner of Sierra Landscape in Haskell says that while annuals only live for one season, they make quite an impression, with lots of color and variety. Areas such as the main entrance sign and clubhouse benefit from annuals because they create a tremendous accent.

“Annuals give you immediate color, it’s such a dynamic display,” agrees Bruce Hellerick, senior horticulturalist of The Brickman Group in Monmouth Junction. “Its goal is to grow, flower, set seed and die.” This usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a month, with some exceptions.


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