Brew Your Own Juice The Facts About Backup Generators

 Blizzards. Ice Storms. Hurricanes. Floods. New Jersey residents are used to being buffeted by Mother Nature. But  increasingly, it seems, the impact of such storms has lingered long after the  weather front blows through, with hundreds or thousands of residents left in  the dark. Beyond the inconvenience—the loss of modern-day necessities like television and air conditioning—power outages can wreak havoc on condominium residents.  

 According to the Eaton Corporation’s blackout tracker last year in New Jersey 1,535,103 Garden state residents were  affected by 107 outages. The causes of these outages range from extreme weather  to faulty equipment to vehicle accidents. On October 29, an early snowstorm  caused outages for 200,000 people in the River Dell area in Bergen County.  

 In times of emergency, like a power outage due to foul weather or a fire in the  building, certain aspects of many multifamily structures must function  properly; steps must be free and clear so people can use them, and doors to  stairways must function. In larger buildings, common areas, corridors and  elevators usually are illuminated through the power provided by an emergency  generator.  

 “Last year in the United States over 40 million people lost power. Literally  millions and millions of people are affected by power outages,” says Gary Moody of Silent Standby Power Supply LLC, a nationwide distributor of  battery powered generators.“This is nothing new—power goes out all the time—but in the worst-case scenario of power outages, it can be life threatening.”  

 While generators sometimes are required by code in high-rise buildings serviced  by elevators to ensure residents can be evacuated safely—not all condominiums have backup power for any of life’s more mundane services like heat, refrigeration or even lighting.  


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