A Green New World Encouraging Eco-Friendly Behavior in Your Building

These days, as the summers get hotter, the storms get bigger and climate change is finding its way into more headlines than ever before, more attention is being paid to the environment and how the average citizen can do his or her part to support and repair it. In response to increased demand from Mother Nature, New Jersey has striven to be a leader in energy conservation, waste reduction and the creation of green policies designed to prepare its buildings and its residents for life in an uncertain environmental future. 

As a result, condo, co-op and HOA boards and managers find themselves introducing new rules, regulations and technologies into co-ops and condos to improve comfort for residents and work in tandem with nationwide efforts to be better stewards of our resources and climate. And it is a trend that seems to be growing.

People Want to Know

“We regularly have board members reach out to their management team about greening their property,” says Doug Weinstein, executive director of operations and vice president of New York-based Project Management Group (PMG) and AKAM Associates. “And PMG consistently receives inquiries for more information as to how properties can be more energy efficient and sustainable. As greening becomes a more widespread practice, the inquiries continue to rise. You also have many new buildings being constructed with sustainability and greening practices in mind from their inceptions.” 

Cecil Scheib, PE, CEM, LEED AP, GPRO, chief program officer of the Urban Green Council in New York City, has seen first-hand the results of buildings focusing on energy conservation and green policies. “It happened in my building,” he says, citing a conversion to LED lighting. Throughout the country, “We’re seeing a trend,” he says, especially involving management companies making suggestions and providing guidance on renovations and upgrades. 

Encouraging Change

Making major changes in energy consumption or green lifestyles takes the support and engagement of all residents to be successful. 


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