Wireless Internet Are You Ready? Wireless Internet Connectivity

In this ever-changing, technology-driven society, the importance of Internet connectivity is on a par with the importance of electricity in the early 20th century. Electricity's endless applications made it an essential household utility—and like electricity, the importance of the Internet has been reinforced by the innovations that make use of it.

Initially, the everyday applications of Internet access were limited to surfing the web or checking e-mail. But now, new advances in technology have enabled a vast array of new and desirable Internet-based applications, such as IP telephony, digital media sharing, IP video solutions, enhanced security systems, digital signage, and other innovative services.

Imagine working on your laptop or checking e-mail from anywhere in your home. Imagine being able to connect to your office network from an airport or coffee shop. Imagine retrieving files or presentations from your office, sending instant messages to board members—and doing it all from the comfort of your own apartment. Now, imagine doing all these things easily and quickly—without worrying about finding a wired network connection. That is Wi-Fi.

Internet connectivity has extended beyond a convenience to a necessary foundation for real-time interactive communications, and new wireless technologies like Wi-Fi allow this new foundation to be deployed more quickly, easily and economically throughout any property than previously possible.

Multiple Benefits

Forwarding-thinking condominium boards, property managers and owners are now looking at Wi-Fi/wireless communications to bring advanced high quality Internet connectivity to their properties. Wi-Fi/wireless service connectivity makes a property more attractive, competitive, and demonstrably more modern by enabling residents to make use of high-speed Internet services that are faster and easier to manage than their predecessors.


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