Winter Cleaning Keeping Snow and Ice Away

 For building owners and managers in the Garden State, winter weather not only  refers to the white stuff that falls out of the sky—but rather, the white stuff that collects in a building’s lobby and is also deposited on their many sidewalks, roadways and parking lots. But  luckily for these owners and property managers, a variety of services and  products exist that can eliminate the headaches caused by the various forms of  winter precipitation.  

 John Fedele of Star Products in Carlstadt says building owners usually utilize  their own crews during winter storms, rather than outsourcing to a third party  company. However, things like parking maintenance and snowplowing are often  outsourced to outside companies due to crew availability.  

 “Usually the crews have to come in and do some overtime rather than hiring extra  crews,” Fedele says. “But the properties and buildings are very large and can be hard to maintain, so  they’ll outsource the parking lot part of it.”  

 However, outsourcing portions of winter weather removal can leave a building  owner at the mercy of a third party company’s schedule. Jason Teigman of Hackensack-based GT Dawn Brite says crews can often  get backlogged in times of harsh weather.  

 “Most buildings use their own crews, but many outsource their landscaping or snow  removal to an outside company,” Teigman says. “However, it’s more expensive and you may not have immediate service depending on how many  clients they have—if they have ten clients, they can’t be there all at the same time.”  


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