Window Replacement The Ins-and-Outs of Getting New Glass

Good quality windows are essential to a building's aesthetic appeal, as well as its energy efficiency. But what is involved in changing out the old windows for the new? There are a few important things boards and managers should know about the process of a complete window replacement project for their building, be it a high-rise, a townhome, or a more spread-out condominium association.

Windows Don't Last Forever

Old windows can be a bear to put up and down, a nuisance to clean, and an extreme drain on our energy bills. But what are the signs of seriously deteriorating windows?

Decide whether or not the windows are still functional, suggests Joel Cuccio, president of American Jewel Window Systems in Lodi. Do they raise and lower properly, are the springs still working, and is the weather stripping worn to the point of leaking air?

"There's a maintenance factor to consider when windows have to be painted, if they're wood windows," Cuccio says. Instead of painting, "a homeowner might want to consider a total solution to improving thermal performance and energy loss. Just caulking [and painting] an existing window may not achieve that."

Cuccio mentions that the term is "energy loss," not just "heat loss," bringing up the point that your apartment can leak air conditioning through poor windows, too.


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