Walls, Carpets & Air Ducts Cleaning Common Areas

Common areas are among the most heavily trafficked places in your building or community, so it’s no surprise that these areas are prone to a great deal of damage and wear-and-tear over time. But regular upkeep, scheduled maintenance and proper cleaning will help ensure that common areas don’t become dingy, dirty or even possibly hazardous to people’s health.

High Traffic

Common areas such as hallways, lobbies and laundry rooms are the most prone to wear simply due to the number of people who pass through them every day.

“The biggest enemy is the degree of dirt and grit and soot brought in from the outside on the shoes of people going into the building. An aggressive campaign of walk-off mats at any entrance that are regularly changed out and cleaned at least monthly would help greatly in the longevity of the carpet,” says Todd Saunders, president and CEO of Cleaning Specialists of America, Inc. (CSA) in Long Island City in Queens, New York. “That goes for hard stone, wood, anything. Dirt gets ground into anything and will mat down carpeting.”

Floors are also damaged from scuff-marks from foot traffic, says Saunders, adding that in most buildings, routine maintenance and upkeep are left to the porter or super. In lobbies that have a hard surface for flooring—such as granite—building staff typically handle daily cleaning and removal of dirt, while a professional company will be brought in to handle deeper scratches and to buff and polish the entire floor a few times a year.

Keeping Carpets Clean

Certain types of carpeting withstand wear and tear better than others. For high-traffic areas, commercial carpeting will stand the test of time.


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