Under New Management When You Have to Switch

For the most part, human nature is fearful of change, and that’s why people are more likely to stick with what they have and what they know, rather than explore new possibilities.

That’s definitely the case with condos and co-ops in regards to their management companies. Most of the time, a building will enjoy a long partnership with their company and individual manager, never even thinking about making a move. However, things do come up to warrant change.

Why Switch?

“The number one issue we hear when being interviewed by a new community is lack of customer service from their existing company is what’s prompting them to make a change,” says Nancy S. Hastings, CEO of MAMCO Property Management in Mount Laurel. “The number two issue is follow-up by management staff. There may always be some additional conflicts or expectation issues relating to facility maintenance but those are generally overcome with additional action.”

Bonnie Bertan, president of Association Advisors in Freehold, agrees. “There are various reasons that boards seek new management companies. The one thing we hear a lot about on interviews is customer service,” she adds. “Boards are becoming more conscientious about the needs of the homeowners and the need for open communication between the board and the owners via the management company.”

Also, if problem after problem arises and the building is no longer running smoothly, it might be time to consider making a change.


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  • Any potential management company will tell you how good and efficient they are, however unless you take that in writing you will be stuck with the same problems and issues. This comes after changing 3 management companies in 7 years.