Trees for All The Arbor Day Foundation

Since its founding in 1972, on the centennial anniversary of the very first Arbor Day, the Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) has been steadfast in its mission to "plant, nurture, and celebrate trees."

The organization, with founder John Rosenow still at the helm as chief executive, is active in educating the public about the beauty and significance of trees in our world and in our lives.

Headquartered in Nebraska City, Nebraska, ADF staffs about 300 associates who work hard to promote the positive benefit trees have on the environment, in our communities, and even on our children. Through numerous programs, ADF enables thousands of towns and cities across the United States to follow its mission to plant, celebrate, and nurture trees.

"John Rosenow is tireless in his mission to inspire people," says Woodrow Nelson, vice president of marketing communications for ADF. "I think that culture permeates throughout the entire organization. Everyone is very true to the idea that we should get the word out that it's a great thing for people to plant trees."

Near the ADF’s main office is the birthplace of Arbor Day, Arbor Day Farm, part of the former estate of J. Sterling Morton, who founded Arbor Day back in 1872. Located in Nebraska City, Nebraska, the farm owned and operated by ADF is an activity-packed, learning-based resort right in the center of the United States.


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