Top Questions to Ask Your Lawn Care Professional The Big 10

After the winter snow has thawed and the warmer spring weather is starting to show, the attention of property managers and homeowners turns to one common task—to create a healthy, attractive lawn. It's a major concern, but it can sometimes be a major headache as well, especially when preventing weeds, diminishing brown patches and the debate over whether or not to use pesticides are just some of the regular issues that need to be addressed annually.

So we went straight to the experts—veteran landscapers who can tell us exactly what they consider the top 10 questions that property managers or building staff should ask about their lawn and lawn care. These experts provided informative answers and the end result is a great how-to guide that provides a terrific start to a beautiful, lush lawn for every association.

1. What are the most important elements involved in maintaining healthy turf?

"Dark vibrant green turf is the anchor for any landscape," says Rob Kopf, manager of the Turf & Ornamental Division at Dubrow's Nurseries Inc. in Livingston, "It's what first catches a persons eye, and makes that all important first impression. The basic requirements for a healthy turf are water, air, sunlight and nutrients."

2. How much of each element is important when creating a healthy lawn?


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