Tool Box Must Haves for Your Building Staff Spend A Little Now, Save A Lot Later

Many times I have looked at a repair bill or troubleshooting project and said to myself, “there had to have been a more effective and less expensive way to have found this out or to have accomplished the same results.”

Look for Ways to Save

I am sure many board members have had similar thoughts as they reviewed bills and thought of ways to spend less. Through experience and creative thinking, I would like to share a partial list of common expenses which can be greatly mitigated by rounding out your staff’s tool box a bit.

Eight Tips

Opening the wall or wood floor to find out if there is actually what appears to be a leak, and then having to make a repair to close it after no leak was found;

 Purchase a moisture reader for your staff which is a digital readout device that detects water. If the area is dry-no holes, no repairs.

Wet cement that gets vandalized overnight: 


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