The Seasonal Maintenance Checklist Seasons of Change

While the work of an association manager or superintendent is never truly done, there are certain times of the year that require specific attention to various details—and that often means more work. Winterizing a building and its surroundings, for example, takes a lot of time, effort and preparation that simply can't wait until the last minute. When summertime nears, there are items on the maintenance "to-do" list that weren't there three months ago, like landscaping and pool detail. With a comprehensive checklist and a little help from a few experts, you can ensure that your building or HOA is ready for any season and always ahead of schedule.

Fall Into Winter

The fall season is one of the two busiest times of year when it comes to maintenance needs. In order to prepare for the winter season, much of the building and grounds must be surveyed for possible hazards. Scott Dalley is the senior vice president of Access Property Management in Flemington, and says that fall is a time for cleaning up what Mother Nature casts off.

"Branches and leaves are big enemies in the winter because they can cause ice damming. So as the leaves fall, we get in the gutters and remove debris."

Dalley also notes that the fall is the time to clean and winterize pipes—anything having to do with water should be looked at, including buttoning up any swimming pools on the grounds.

Both Dalley and Arthur Guzzi, manager of the Society Hill Condos in Cherry Hill agree that maybe the most important job in the autumn season is finalizing plans for snowfall. Guzzi says he plans for snow even earlier than September.


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