The Northeast Spa & Pool Association Training, Education and Professionalism for Pool Administrators

As the weather gets warmer with the arrival of spring, condo, HOA and co-op residents are getting the urge to cool off in their community swimming pool or relax in their heated clubhouse spa.

But before that can happen there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation and maintenance that has to happen to get those pool facilities ready for the upcoming season. Here’s where the members of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association come into play. This professional organization known as NESPA represents the pool and spa industry in the Northeast.

NESPA exists to create a professional climate in which to advance commercial activities, and to address the current and future needs of the pool and spa industry.

“Our mission is to be the advocate for the swimming pool and hot tub industry in our four state region,” says Larry Caniglia, executive director of NESPA. “That involves everything from government relations to education, we do a lot of training and educational programs for members and non-members. We also produce an annual trade show which brings the buyers and sellers of our industry together.”

In the Beginning

In the late 1950s, members of the swimming pool industry in the northeast section of the U.S. banded together to form Northeast Swimming Pool Association (NESPA) to address their collective needs. According to its website, the organization was incorporated in 1958 and received its 501-C-6 status (as a trade association) from the IRS at that time. From the days of its founding, the organization has been continuously engaged in promoting and protecting its members and educating them and raising their levels of competency in all phases of business activity.


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