The New Jersey Apartment Association A Friend Indeed

In a perfect world, everything an owner, manager, or homeowner's association needs would be one phone call or mouse-click away. Information about new developments in the state Legislature, lists of vendors, and policy updates would be delivered to your door. Anyone involved with the multifamily housing or development industry would have a representative at city council meetings and at national levels, voicing their concerns and suggestions.

One such resource in New Jersey happens to be The New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA). The NJAA is a statewide organization of apartment owners, managers, builders and those involved in allied industries, whose mission is dedicated to maintaining and improving existing properties and promoting and producing new and affordable apartments in the Garden State.

Goals and objectives of the NJAA are designed to advance and protect the welfare of the apartment industry in New Jersey. According to the NJAA mission statement, "The NJAA represents the apartment industry before the New Jersey legislature and governmental agencies and provides continuing education and information to its members and the public. The NJAA membership's interests are served on a national level through its affiliation with the National Apartment Association (NAA)."

The small group that formed what is now known as the NJAA first got together back in the early 1970s as the Apartment House Council of New Jersey and later (in 1982) as The New Jersey Council of the Multi-Housing Industry.

A lot has changed since then. "We have about 142,000 units represented, and 1,500 individuals, about 270 owner members and the same number of associate members," says Jeanne Gorman, executive director of the NJAA since September of last year.



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