The Most Common Directors' & Officers' Claims Taking Steps to Avoid Litigation

Community associations, whether a homeowners' association, property owners' association, cooperative, timeshare/interval association or commercial association are legal entities that are governed by bylaws and applicable statutory and governmental regulations. The directors and officers of community associations are the core infrastructure for the entities charged with the governance of the entity. These boards are virtually always comprised of volunteers who generally have the greatest intentions when serving. However, boards are confronted with some basic inherent challenges. First, boards often lack experience or training. Second, boards often succumb to a false sense of security by handling matters informally. Third, boards ignore basic rules and governing documents. Finally, boards too often shy away from professional guidance.

Proposed Solution:

• identify the most common claims;

• identify why these common claims occur;

• learn how to avoid these claims in the first place;

• if a claim still occurs, learn how to informally resolve claims before they explode;

• lastly, learn how to maximize claim resolution.


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  • Need an attorney who understand D & O Liability that has litigated against condo associations representing condo owners.