The Irrigation Situation A Look at Modern Sprinkler Systems

 One of the first things both prospective residents and visitors to a condo or  HOA notice are the beautiful grounds and lush landscaping surrounding the  property. Of course, a key component in maintaining all that greenery is the  availability of fresh water. Because of the topography of New Jersey, access to  water can vary a great deal depending on where a home is located—one property may have drought-like conditions, while another just a short  distance away may struggle with drainage issues.  

 Because of this variance, it’s almost always necessary for buildings and HOAs to use some type of irrigation  technology to keep their lawns, trees and shrubs healthy and green. Anyone who  has ever lived in a condo has probably seen the sprinklers go on and off, and  while it's easy to take this technology for granted, utilizing the proper  system and controlling water levels for all areas of the property can be a big  challenge.  

 “Whether you are dealing with flowers, trees or shrubs, they all have different  watering requirements, which are influenced by a building’s location, soil type and site topography,” says Rick Landgraber, president of Elite Landscaping Inc. in South Plainfield. “So it's vital to know how, when and where to water and what kind of irrigation  equipment supports the microclimates found throughout condominium properties.”  

 New & Improved

 In the past, associations may have relied solely on sprinkler systems or  gardeners to water the property with hoses, but irrigation systems have come a  long way since those days. Today’s watering technology is cheaper, greener and much more sophisticated. Long gone  are the days when installers would drop pipe into the ground, figuring that  spraying around large volumes of water would make up for haphazard  installation.  

 Modern irrigation controllers have become extremely sophisticated, thanks to the  integration of computer technology to improve system timing and diagnostics.  The controller still needs to be connected to every valve with a bundle of  dedicated buried wire, but according to the pros, the improved accuracy and  conservation make up for the more complicated installation.  


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