Securing Home and Castle Conducting a Security Assesment

Security and safety are necessary considerations for every townhome and condominium dweller. When it comes to security, high-rise buildings and townhome communities are just as vulnerable as other residential homes. Fire safety and life safety issues present yet another area for concern.

Surveying the Risk

Property managers should first enlist the services of a professional security company to provide a risk assessment of the property. Such an assessment would include an analysis of the property, including the neighborhood, crime statistics, points of entry, lighting conditions, etc. The findings of the risk assessment will be the basis for what security systems and personnel should be utilized to create the best security/safety plan for the property.

Identifying key areas of potential safety hazards and vulnerability exposure, and incorporating the safeguards into a safety/security plan will be the fundamental basis for the overall plan. Having a well-documented safety and security plan in place will also help protect against receiving adverse verdicts in a court of law, should any security or safety liability lawsuits arise.

After determining the security needs of the property, video surveillance and/or security guards are often recommended. Recent advances in security technology including video surveillance provide an enhanced level of protection for reasonable cost. Video surveillance is able to handle a wide range of security situations that were once the sole responsibility of a security officer. If utilized properly, video cameras can provide more than an “illusion of safety” and in many circumstances can prevent, detect and control criminal activity.

While video surveillance has made security less expensive and more available, the main issue with video technology is that while it can detect when and where a problem has occurred, in most cases, the response of the police or a security officer is needed. Video surveillance systems can include multi-camera screens where an operator can monitor hundreds of cameras at once. This is a significant advantage considering security guards cannot be present at all times in all locations of the property. However, it is only effective if a security officer is available to respond quickly and efficiently to any situations observed on the video screen.


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