Repainting and Power Washing Beauty is Skin Deep

For any residential development, dirt, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear-and-tear can play havoc with even the most durable building materials, such as stone or steel. Those same elements take an even greater toll on painted or vinyl-sided surfaces, making good maintenance on these materials as important as it is for your community association's roof, landscaping, pool area, or asphalt.

Painted items can include anything from the clubhouse doors and windows to the wooden deck or the wrought-iron fence around your pool area.

Spring Painting, Spring Cleaning

An effective maintenance program should examine what items need a touch of paint now and then and when the building's siding needs a thorough cleaning. Periodic inspections, timely and proper surface preparation and repair, and quality paint applied at recommended intervals by a knowledgeable professional are also a good idea.

Time, along with weather and exposure to the elements, takes its toll on an association's buildings, clubhouses, fencing and other common areas, tarnishing glossy finishes and causing colors to fade. That means a refurbishment of the paint job, though for many boards the right time to call in a painting contractor might vary. According to Olin Johnson, owner of the North Shore County franchise of Certapro Painters, a power washing and painting service in Plainsborough, "The exterior of a building should be done every five to seven years. I would suggest five, but most people tend to wait longer."

Amedeo Bove, owner of Interstate Power Washing in Warren, New Jersey, adds that although buildings should be repainted every five years, the timeframe for decks and fences is around two years. "Most of the time you're not painting a deck or a fence—more often, you're staining them," Bove says. "If you have an especially harsh winter, it could give you a shorter timeframe, because there might have been a lot of snow on the decks for a long period of time, which can cause damage that needs more immediate attention."


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