Old Man Winter's Coming Now is the Time to Prepare for Winter's Arrival!

A cold, wet spring turned quickly into a hot, humid summer rife with thunderstorms and localized flooding. As autumn starts to paint the region’s foliage, community association boards and managers are looking at long-range forecasts and, in their annual ritual, wondering what winter will hold this year.

Will conditions be just right for those nasty ice dams that wreak havoc on roofs and unit ceilings? Will a long, deep freeze put stress on heating systems and lead to burst pipes? Will mountains of snow and thaw-freeze cycles create slip-and-fall hazards throughout neighborhoods?

Whatever Mother Nature is getting ready to throw at New Jersey during the upcoming season, the time has come for associations to pull out their winterizing checklists and get busy on buttoning up their properties.

With winter on the way, we asked experienced community association professionals what items on are on their “to-do” lists—and should be on your community’s list, too.

Winter tends to sneak up quickly, and it’s all too easy to get caught by surprise by an early cold snap or snowstorm. With that in mind, Russ Fernandes, principal of New Jersey-based Becht Engineering, headquartered in Liberty Corner, says that early fall is the time to address a number of key outdoor topics.


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