New Jersey 2015 Legislative Update A Look at New & Proposed Legislation

The second half of the 2014-2015 legislative session in Trenton is underway, and—as always—housing is on the agenda, with a large number of housing-related bills up for consideration.

Some are directly targeted at the state’s condos and HOAs as well as the relatively small number of co-ops, mainly in urban areas. Others, while wider in scope, will have an effect on condo and HOA residents, boards and managers. Let’s not forget that legislative action is brewing in the municipal and federal arenas, too.

Bills, Bills, Bills...

Christopher T. Mangold, manager of legislative information and the bill room at The Office of Public Information, based in Trenton, generously provided the New Jersey Cooperator a list of every housing subject heading in the state legislature as well as current bills under those headings, totaling over 40 pieces of legislature.

Some were crafted with 2013’s Hurricane Sandy in mind—such as A412—which “prohibits residential development fees on reconstruction after natural disasters,” AR208, which “urges FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] to waive recoupment of overpaid Superstorm Sandy funds from disaster victims,” and S1306, which establishes “Superstorm Sandy Bill of Rights.”

Many others under the general housing category deal with foreclosures; several different bills aim to “establish process for consideration of offers from short sale buyers during residential mortgage foreclosures.” Yet others deal with particular groups of people, such as seniors, and particular locations, such as Atlantic City.


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  • Many communities that have changed to fifty five and above have not changed their by laws to accomodate the 55 to 65 that are still working. Many refuse to move village business to night time so that all residents can attend. This is a discrimitory action and it's not the only action that many of the Baby Boomers are being discrimitoried against. This is a thing that legislators should be looking into
  • How do ask the nj state to become a 55+community? My 322 unit has aging seniors and the increased tax rate is pushing out older homeowners and younger ones like me. Paterson will become Detroit if we dont start tslking