Morristown Historic Gem, Modern-Day Haven

It would be difficult to find an area of New Jersey that isn't steeped in cultural history. The northeastern seaboard saw the majority of the United States' growth at our country's inception and, it's no wonder that "The Military Capital of the American Revolution" is right in the heart of New Jersey. Morristown holds this honor, and that's just one of the many things that makes this interesting little hamlet worth investigating.

Ye Olde Morristowne

In discussing Morristown's history (as well as its modern-day statistics) it's important to make the distinction between Morristown and Morris Township, as they often get lumped together.

Morristown is a historical city located within Morris Township, an area that comprises the communities of Madison, Chatham, Mendham, Randolph, Chester and Long Valley, among other, smaller towns around the area. The township is a vibrant, interconnected area, and Morristown is often discussed in relation to it. Activities, business opportunities and community news can be found by going to the township website at, though for particulars on Morristown, one ought to visit first.

"Think of the township like a donut," says Jonathan Hancock, a real estate agent with Prudential Real Estate in Morristown. "Morristown proper is in the center of the donut."

In 2000, the population of Morris Township was coming in at about 20,000. The area of Morristown itself is only about 2.9 square miles, however, so the number is significantly smaller within its borders. Morristown is only 39 miles from New York City, and 20 miles from Newark, so it's easy to see that without going too far from a major metropolitan area, one can get a taste of small-town life. Morris County is considered one of the five counties in the "Skylands Region," an area of the country that claims over 60,000 acres of state parkland. To be sure, the vast parklands are one of the many reasons Morristown is a desirable locale for so many. The history of the area has kept the parks safe—there are many reasons the citizens of the region would want to preserve the land.


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  • Your third patragraph confuses MOrris Twonship wioth Morris County; that makes the 4th paragraph almost illogical and later paragraphs (particularly those about condos continue the confusion.