Maintaining Fences, Decks & Siding Fenced In

If you have lived through a New Jersey winter, you know that some mighty bad weather can hit the area—and it's not just people who suffer from it. When strong wind, heavy snow, rain, salt water and freezing temperatures arrive, they can cause properties to look a bit, well, under the weather. Years of wear and tear from such elements will affect just about every exterior aspect of a condo and co-op, but the three most common outdoor maintenance issues concern fencing, decking and siding.

On the Fence

If properly designed and maintained, fencing can add tremendous value to a co-op or condominium. Not only do fences augment the security and privacy of a property, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Because of rapid improvement in fencing products in the past decade, homeowners associations would be wise to look at all the options out there and choose a fence that will work best for them.

There are four kinds of fencing generally used for residential properties: chain-link, wood, PVC and ornamental. Chain-link is cheaper than wood, which is cheaper than PVC. Ornamental fences, the priciest of all, are usually made of expensive metals like wrought iron.

"There's wood, chain link and ornamental, which is iron or substitutes in steel or aluminum," says Chris Raywood of Jan Fence Inc. in Wayne. "In high-ticket condo areas you find the ornamental fences more."


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