Maintaining and Repairing Your Paved Surfaces Not as Hard as You Think

Successful property owners and managing agents routinely obsess about maintenance issues—everything from minor cosmetics to major structural or mechanical improvements. You must think about the roof over your residents' heads, and carefully consider the outside appearance of the property, as well as the paved surfaces in your complex.

Do You Need a Pavement Plan?

Parking lots, driveways, and even basketball and tennis courts take a beating from everyday use, the elements and the deteriorating effects of time itself. What can you do, as a property owner or managing agent, to cost-effectively maintain and repair your paved surfaces when needed? Or, perhaps more importantly, how can you avoid a complete pavement replacement, which could cost several dollars per linear foot.

Like most other contractors, professional pavement specialists suggest that property owners adopt a routine maintenance schedule for their paved surfaces. A regular pavement maintenance schedule will not only save money in the long run but will also smooth cash outflows. Smart property managers will budget for periodic maintenance instead of springing for an entire repavement project.

Some contractors only suggest calling a contractor in when the paved surface in question is substantially deteriorated. But most recommend more frequent maintenance than that.

"A lot of communities wait too long before calling a contractor," says Thomas J. Eosso of Eosso Brothers Paving, Inc., in Matawan. "The pavement is often in poor condition and it is too late to apply a sealer due to the rough texture."


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