Keep it Clean Laundry Room Management

Years ago, when apartment residents wanted to do laundry, they gathered their basket and detergent, loaded up their pockets with quarters and perhaps a good book or their Walkman and trudged downstairs to the dark, dingy laundry room. A few hours later, they would traipse back to their units, only to repeat the dreaded trip the following week. Nobody looked forward to doing their laundry (okay, let’s be real—that hasn’t changed), but modern technologies in the industry have made it much easier for residents to get this dreaded chore done.

21st Century Clean

Ron Farmer, executive director of campus and micropayments for Heartland Payment Systems in New York City, a national payment processor, discusses how much the simple task of laundry has changed in recent years.

"The major trend in laundry rooms right now is accepting credit and debit cards directly at the washer or dryer to enhance convenience for consumers while increasing sales for the operator.” Heartland has a system called WaveRider that allows cards to be accepted at laundry room machines, much to the delight of their customers.

The washers and dryers themselves have changed throughout the years too, now the machines can be part of the Internet, Farmer points out that, “With the WaveRider system, laundry operators can also offer unique services including a web-based portal customers can access to view the status of washers and dryers before making the trek out to the laundry facility.”

Heartland isn't the only company offering these high-tech options, Rex Braden of the Whirlpool Corporation says tenants don't have to sit around a basement laundry room any longer, “people using the machines would rather go back to their own apartment or their own living room and be able to monitor the machines via software.” Whirlpool's Laundry View gives tenants different options of monitoring their laundry remotely.