Investing in Green Energy-Saving Technologies

With today’s condo and HOA residents much more conscious of their impact on the environment and looking for ways to reduce it, smart boards and property managers are looking to help. Simple tasks like turning down thermostats, shutting off air conditioners during the day and turning off lights when not in use all help, but there’s more that can be done. More and more buildings and associations are deciding to invest in greener equipment and devices that use less energy and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

It is important to talk about all the benefits associated with installing energy efficient measures beyond the obvious energy and money savings. Often times, high efficiency equipment requires less maintenance, runs quieter and improves overall comfort. These are quality of life improvements.

There’s also a large variety of Energy Star rated appliances and equipment out there and often they’re not more expensive or not much more expensive than any others. When considering if an appliance or piece of equipment is worthwhile for a multifamily building or association to invest in, each board’s building or HOA will have different criteria for their purchases and upgrades.

Money-Saving Components

A common perception is that replacing old windows with new energy-efficient windows can save a lot of energy, but this is not always the case. Replacing windows can save energy, but is typically less cost effective than tune ups and retrofits to heating and cooling equipment or repairing the air leakage of a building.

Recent innovations in boiler controls for multifamily units have shown promise to reduce boiler cycling, thus saving energy by modifying how the boiler works. These controls, according to experts, have fairly quick paybacks.


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