How to Minimize the Chaos Construction Next Door

Any time a brand-new building or development is proposed in any given New Jersey community, there will be objectors. Residents might voice concerns about urban sprawl or the impact on their neighborhood's character, or they might just be concerned about the nuisance of having the noise and pollution of a construction site next door.

Regardless of their reasons, residents who find themselves next door to a construction site will be faced with inconvenience. This article will illustrate some of these problems and offer advice on how residents, HOA boards and managers can minimize the concerns for themselves and their communities.

Common Resident Complaints

When construction starts, local residents will start slinging the complaints. Or, at the very least, they will voice opinions on what types of new development should be allowed in their neighborhoods.

"It doesn't matter what kind of development it is, there's always somebody who has some kind of objection to the extra traffic, extra noise or whatever," points out Ronald Perl, partner in charge of the Community Association Law Practice Group at Hill Wallack in Princeton. "There will always be objectors."

Initially, complaints might revolve around the noise, odors and dust that come from an active construction project. Nobody wants to live next to the chaos of construction.


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