How to Be a Great Board Member The Top Do's and Don'ts

Often, the best, most successful boards and communities share the same combination of habits and traits; all the while, the worst, most fleeting share similar qualities, as well. Case in point: there isn’t tremendous mystery in what actions make certain communities successful…and others complete failures.

“Whether you live in a small, close-knit neighborhood, a luxury gated community, a high-rise in the city, or a beach-front condo, your HOA board will need to stick to some fundamental principles in order to be successful,” says Billy Rudolph, director of corporate communications for Associa, the nation’s largest association management company with offices in Saddle Brook and Mount Laurel.

In order to run their communities in fair, functional, and solvent manners, leading management experts contribute advice to assist the boards of New Jersey with a better understanding of what they should and should not do.

“The most important for a board is to have the greater good of the community as the top priority,” says Lori Kenyon, CMCA, PCAM, vice president of management services at Premier Property Management in North Brunswick. “The board has to think of the community first instead of being occupied with personal agendas.”

1. DO organize.Sticking with that agenda is crucial. Rudolph says that board members and residents often have individual and personal agendas to present at meetings, making it difficult to remain on topic, causing them to run for hours upon hours. If there’s an agenda and a time limit for other business, then it becomes easier to keep the meetings timely.


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