Greenbriar at Whittingham Active Relaxation

For many people, finding a place to call home as they enter their retirement years can be a daunting task to say the least. For many, the ideal arrangement strikes a balance between staying active and vital while scaling back the tasks they can't or don't necessarily like to do; like shoveling snow, bagging leaves, or mowing acres of lawn every other week. Those jobs can be a drag at any age, but can become more difficult for seniors, depending on their overall health and vigor.

Communities that assist their residents with these types of tasks are becoming more and more common across the nation. One community association that's helping its older members with those not-so-fun tasks is Greenbriar at Whittingham, located in Middlesex County's Monroe Township.

Active Adults

Situated on 500 acres and comprised of over 1,600 units, Greenbriar at Whittingham is one of the newest communities to be built by parent company U.S. Home (, and is an extension of the larger Whittingham community. What sets Greenbriar at Whittingham apart is that it is an "active adult community," home to some 3,000 residents, most of whom are retired or approaching retirement.

According to April C. Schauer, the community's operations manager, "In order to purchase a home in Greenbriar at Whittingham, the primary homeowner must be at least 55 years of age, and a spouse or partner must be at least 48 years old."

This is in essence what makes Greenbriar the active adult community that it has become. "Many of the residents own second homes in warmer climates," says Schauer, "but they consider Greenbriar their primary residence. Greenbriar homeowners generally spend better than six months of the year here." As to what makes Greenbriar so attractive to residents, Schauer feels that "when adults enter that next phase of their lives, they are looking for people to take care of duties for them."


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  • on Monday, July 6, 2015 6:13 PM
    Could you send me the HOA requirement rules over the internet? I visited Greenbriar today and yesterday but don't wish to commit until I see all rules and regulatiuons.
  • Question: What happen when you get a letter stating that you have missed three payment from 2 and half years and ago. Mind you this is the first time hearing that I missed any payments?