Getting Ready for the Big Cleanup Spring is in the Air

 The first robin appears. The sun stays out a little longer in the evenings, the  tiniest nubs of crocus begin to break through the mud, and landscape crews  begin mucking out flowerbeds. Just as sure as turning the calendar page to  March 20, these are all signs of the arrival of spring—and with spring comes every condo association’s annual spring cleanup, clearing out the cobwebs and bringing hope that those  winter blahs are finally behind us.  

 For HOA management, boards and contractors, the annual spring cleanup is a lot  of work—and sometimes a lot of stress.  

 Hit the Ground Running

 For most co-op and condo associations, plans for spring cleanup begin well  before the last snowflakes fly.  

 “Advance prep for the spring is actually completed in the fall,” says Rick Fry, PCAM, a property manager in New Jersey. “We’ll do a walk-through to assess the condition of the common elements and what  might be in need of repair in the spring.”  

 During those fall and winter months, management also will look at the reserve  schedule and the deferred maintenance schedule. In January or February, the  board might bring up a project that has been on the back burner for a few  months or years and determine if the spring or summer months might be the time  to tackle it.  


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