Fencing Options for Suburban Developments On the Fence

The fencing around the perimeter of your community not only helps keep the property secure, but is an aesthetic element that—if designed and maintained properly—can add significant value to residents' homes. Because of the surge in fence improvements and products over the past decade, it's important for condo developments to look at all the options out there and choose a fence that will work best for them.

"From the standpoint of a development, I think it's a really good idea to have fencing around the outside border area and around the perimeter," says Al Livingston of Saratoga Rail Fence & Supply in Voorheesville, New York. "People like the privacy aspect of it, and in most cases, it absolutely adds to the value [of the property]."

For condos that already have fences on their property and are thinking about a change, there are a multitude of options to replace an existing fence with a more cost-efficient and maintenance-free alternative. In New Jersey, a lot of people seem to be changing over from wood to vinyl.

"Over the past five years or so, we have seen the white vinyl fence has become the most popular because it requires almost no maintenance and lasts forever," says Michael Labarabra of Frontier Fencing in Monmouth County. "With vinyl, you're not going to see the fence deteriorate because of weather conditions—water does no damage to it."

Livingston agrees. "Vinyl has completely taken over in New Jersey. The largest growing segment in the fencing community is vinyl, and in ornamental aluminum around association pools. Most condos are switching."


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