Don't Delay Maintenance Pay Attention to Your Asphalt

We all know that parking lots, roads and driveways take a beating day in and day out. Some hazards, like cracked sidewalks, crumbling masonry, and potholes are obvious to even an untrained eye, making it easy to conduct repairs and prevent further deterioration and potential liability. To safeguard your investment, it is important that every community association or HOA have a quality maintenance program in place to preserve and protect, as well as slow the degradation of their paved surfaces.

By implementing a preventative maintenance program today, an association can increase the life span of their asphalt and concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Preventative maintenance will significantly reduce your association’s exposure to trip-and-fall and vehicle damage liability suits.

Present Conditional State

One of the first principles of pavement management is to know “the present conditional state” of the pavement. We advise property managers to walk their sites and follow the steps below to make that determination about their asphalt and concrete surfaces.

A wide range of defects may develop in the surfaces of concrete or asphalt pavement over time. The cause of these defects can be highly informative when evaluating a future plan of action for the surfaces. Safety and operational surveys are assessed and can be documented for review. One should conduct a risk assessment that includes trip hazards, structural condition, surface drainage and concrete/pavement defects.

Over time, asphalt will break down and show signs of cracks and raveling. An asphalt overlay/restructuring will often do the trick of bringing back a healthy, solid and smooth surface. Asphalt overlays do not only promote a new surface look, but greatly increase overall pavement strength. Overlays will vary in thickness depending on drainage and existing curb exposures.


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