Conducting Employee Background Checks Being Safe at Home

Typically the sources of terror in horror movies come from ghouls and zombies. Victims in these films find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse or haunted mansion with no chance of escape or survival. Moviegoers feel appropriately freaked out as they leave the theater and head back to the safety and security of their condo or quiet suburban HOA.

But what about the seemingly creepy new maintenance man? Or the door-person who seems a little too eager to chat with residents about what’s in their shopping bags as they enter the lobby? Or the custodian who was surreptitiously digging through the trash bins last week?

Home & Office

While most people look at a condo or co-op and see just a residential building—but to many others, that building is their office. Building personnel can include managers, janitorial staff, maintenance crews, delivery/mail room employees, even concierges. When you are sitting down for breakfast, they might be punching in—and it’s important to residents and building managers to know that these employees are able to do their job and that each individual is stable, trustworthy, and dependable. That's why the employee screening process is so important to everyone living and working under the same roof.

Let’s imagine that an association manager is looking for a new doorman. After conducting a search based on the condo association’s criteria, the manager finds a few prospective candidates. According to Lindsay Thompson of Strategies for HireRight, “Based on our experiences with our client base, the most common employment background screening services requested by U.S. employers typically include all or some of the following: criminal record checks, employment verifications, education and credential verifications, motor vehicle record checks, sex offender registry checks, and drug testing.”

As Barry J. Nadell of Nadell Investigations in Los Angeles explains, the employer (in this case the association or building manager) might also hire a background screening company to obtain criminal conviction reports if any and identify any misstatements made on the application.


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