Care & Maintenance of Roof Systems Look Out Above

You would think that something as important as the roof over one's head would be one of the top priorities for condo owners and association members, but for some reason, roofs are often one of the most overlooked aspects of a building or multifamily community.

People in the industry call the roof "the fifth wall," and the top of the structure is obviously the building's first and most important line of defense against the harsh elements, which can be responsible for a damaged of defective roof membrane. That can lead to major damage to a building and its occupants' possessions.

People don't often think about caring for a roof until a problem arises. They often have no system in place for monitoring the condition of the roof on a consistent basis. Considering that severe weather conditions such as ice, snow, heat and heavy rain can play havoc with a roof's surface, regular checking for wear-and-tear is a must.

"A roof is essential to maintain," says Robert Martin of Roof Maintenance Systems in Farmingdale. "People realize it quickly when something wrong starts to happen. But sometimes that can be too late."

Cold Hard Facts

As any New Jersey resident who has lived through a blistering summer, a freezing winter or even the torrential rainfall of this past October can tell you, their roofs are faced with some nasty weather conditions throughout the year.


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  • ive applied both and love the muehilde style self adhesive roofing product.its just easier and way less can also find a self adhering base for it.i like to put my drip edge over my base,then cover.if you mess up,good luck removing it.we accidently used the wrong color once and had to tear it back took 3 of us to rip the stuff off,and if we would have had a fourth,that would have helped.its kinda a new product,so im not sure which would outlast the other.