A Look Inside Wilkin Managment Group It's the People

What separates one property management company from another? How would you go about choosing a management company? What are the most important characteristics of a company that will be responsible for the maintenance of your association? According to Gary Wilkin, founder and president of Mahwah-based Wilkin Management Group, it's the desire not to just meet a client's expectations, but to exceed them.


Wilkin Management Group began life in the early 1980's as Schlott Realtors. Founded and run by Wilkin himself, the company was bought in 1991 by Coldwell Banker. Wanting to stay more on the brokerage side of the real estate game rather than make a foray into the management side, Coldwell Banker allowed the company to become Wilkin Management shortly thereafter. Wilkin has run the service and portfolio for over 20 years.

These days, Wilkin Management operates out of the main office in Mahwah, and another office in Oak Ridge. The main office is centrally located among the various properties the company manages, because Wilkin believes that boards and residents must be able to reach the management team easily and quickly. Accessibility is a key factor in the timely managing of day-to-day issues, and being in the neighborhood helps his agents respond to requests.

"We currently manage 80 sites in 7 counties," says Wilkin. "Predominantly we have a portfolio of townhouses and condominiums. We do have some mid-rises, but mostly, the bulk of our portfolio is townhouses and condos. Our offices allow us to be very close to those client sites."

One-Stop Shopping

Part of Wilkin Management's core philosophy is that a property management team should not only attend to the administrative needs of its client associations, but also oversee the structural and mechanical elements of buildings, and take an active role in the hiring and supervision of staff. To address these other aspects of the property management job, Wilkin has diversified its operations in order to offer clients more than just the standard management package.



  • This company has been attempting to defraud me out of over $2,000. They do not answer questions or provide financial information to which we are legally entitled. Nor do they take care of the property we are paying them to maintain. I have paid every one of my bills in full and on time, and I continue to receive threatening delinquency notices. After providing documentation several times that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have paid these monies, they simply ignore the documentation and send more delinquency notices. I am filing fraud charges.