A Look Inside Arthur Edwards Inc. Finding the Right Fit

On the homepage of River Vale-based management company Arthur Edwards, Inc., a picture of a little boy in an oversized cowboy hat is placed above the question, "What can a cowboy hat teach us about Professional Management Relationships?" The answer: "It's important to find the right fit."

That's the feeling of founder and chief executive officer Edward Frank, who started Arthur Edwards after a while in the industry and following graduation with a college degree in accounting. The vision of a management company "dedicated to service, experience and commitment" has kept Frank excited about the management industry, as well as the growth and quality of his own business.

From its headquarters in River Vale, Arthur Edwards, Inc. currently manages 40 communities. According to Frank, those 40 communities include four co-ops, 30 condo associations and six HOAs. There are 21 people on staff as full-time employees. However, during the summer, "when the bees are buzzing and the pools are full," Frank says that number increases to around 26.

When it comes to staff, Frank is clear about the kind of person he's interested in hiring and working with. "I hire people passionate about their goals and objectives," he says. "If they want to answer phones all day, and that's satisfying to them, that's great—I hire people who are always looking for ways to better themselves. Around here, you have to feel good about your work."

Frank himself says that because of his enduring enthusiasm for his job, some view him as something of an oddity. "I love coming into my office. I love answering 100 e-mails, I love picking up the phone."